Thursday, March 15, 2012


So it's been a long time since I have posted anything in here... I was looking at my last post and noticed this:

"Happy eat-and-get-fat season"

What a TERRIBLE thing to say. I totally jinxed myself because I gained SO MUCH WEIGHT. Back in December I had actually NEVER been that disgusted with my weight in my life.

When January hit, my boyfriend and I started doing South Beach Diet. We started off pretty strong, were cooking well, and didn't have any issues with cravings for the first month (surprisingly) and both lost some weight... yay! Until National Chocolate Cake day came upon us.... Friends came over to make chocolate fudge cake and chocolate cake shots and it all went downhill from there....\

Mmmmmm... The death of my diet...

Then my birthday came up, friends and relatives were visiting from out of town, went on a Vegas trip, now my brother is back from spring break, and a wedding and one of my best friend's birthday are coming up this weekend - basically a bunch of things making it EXTREMELY hard to get back on a healthy diet....

SO starting after this weekend, it's back to South Beach Dieting!!! And I've decided I'm going to restart this blog with South Beach Diet / healthy eating as theme blog. I'm hoping that incorporating the dieting and the bloggin together will help me keep on top of both =P