Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blog revamp!

I've abandoned this blog for a while... And I'm kind of sad about it!

I'm starting it up again because I feel like it helps encourage myself to cook more often and eat healthy. Overall, I've still been keeping up good healthy eating and exercising, but I definitely started to go out a lot again - I'm just not as intense with it as I was before. But I'm OK with that! I think it's important to have a good balance of a healthy diet and exercise but still have fun an enjoy yourself.

I also want to restart because my boyfriend bought an awesome new DSLR a few months ago and I want to make some good use of it :P

Photo stolen from http://www.sandiego.com/

So I've decided to expand my blog to have a section on fun things in San Diego! I've grown up here almost my entire life and I seriously LOVE this city. This section will mostly just be about restaurants, bars, and events in San Diego - pretty much just fun things I keep myself busy with but with some basic information on what exactly it is, my own review, and of course lots of pics :)

I'll continue to have lots of homemade healthy food posts with recipes and ideas! And also a fitness section where I'll review boutique gyms and classes. I've developed an obsession with trying lots of different boutique gyms. I like trying lots of new styles of workouts and comparing them, but I know not everyone does so I thought this could be a good place for people to get information on a gym or class they would like to try.

So! I WILL be back soon! :)