Friday, November 29, 2013

Barre Battles

So I have this obsession with buying Groupon/Living Social/whatever deals or intro specials for all these different boutique gym studios.... I just love trying and comparing them all! And... I mean.... how can you resist a deal on a great workout? :P

When I first started trying out different barre classes, I tried looking up reviews for different studios and all of them say the same thing... "It's a great workout... blah blah blah..." But it was a little hard to specifics on what made that particular barre workout different than all the other ones. In my experience, all the different companies have a different emphasis and a different style. Even though they are all based on similar techniques, they can be very different workouts!

So here we are with the Barre Battles - my reviews on different barre workouts.

I'll break down each review in to different categories and then rate each category.

Categories to review will be: strength (10 points), cardio (10 points), instruction (10 points), facility amenities (5 points), facility cleanliness (5 points), value (5 points), and other extra notes (5 points).

A few of the studios I have tried and plan on reviewing are:

I will give myself a refresher of all of these over the next few months by taking a few more classes (if I don't currently go to them regularly), so I can write a more thorough review.

In the end, I'll let you know my favs! :)

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