Sunday, October 16, 2011


I went to the Ocean Beach Oktoberfest last weekend. The Oktoberfest celebration itself wasn't that great... but, as always, eating and drinking down in Ocean Beach is always fun.

It seemed like most of the restaurants/bars down Newport Ave all had their own little Oktoberfest specials. Newport Pizza & Ale House had specials on steins of beer.

Anyways, the giant beers reminded me of my travels in Europe last year with one of my best friends. We got a chance to go to the last weekend of the 200th anniversary of the real Oktoberfest in Munich. Apparently, both days we were there the beer-"tent" we were in had 10,000 people in it each day.

October 2010 @ the Hofbräuhaus tent @ Oktoberfest in Munich

SO... getting on to my point... then giant beers at Oktoberfest reminded me of all the delicious food we had at Oktoberfest (and Germany in general). We were only in Germany for about 3.5 days (1 day/1 night in Hamburg and 2.5 days/2 nights in Munich). Since we were traveling on a budget and didn't have too much time there, most of our meals consisted of pretzels, sausages, and pastries - all of which were still amazing, by the way. The only actual sit down hearty meal we had was at Oktoberfest and I have a craving to re-create all of it!

Half a chicken and Pork

Some German girls that we met there recommended we try these if we're looking for a traditional style meal. Both were amazing - meat falling off the bone, crispy skin, juicy, and delicious. I thought the most interesting was that little potato ball on the right. It was like mashed potatoes, but shaped in a ball that kind of all stuck together and had this chewier sort of texture. I found some recipes for it, so sometime soon (hopefully before October ends, so it can be my own mini-Oktoberfest celebration) I'm planning to attempt to make a meal of that potato ball, some roast chicken, and of course some sausages and homemade pretzels. Oh yeah... and beer.

Enjoying our meal! Btw... I just realized I shouldn't have called this a sit-down meal because no one was ever sitting down... Everyone was standing on the benches, stomping on the chairs, singing, and drinking.

Bought some dirndls (the dresses) for Day 2!

And just for fun... videos of Hofbräuhaus

Look out soon for my Oktoberfest meal re-created! :)

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