Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dinner out with friends

I went out to eat with some friends the other day and because all of us are now on some sort of a diet, we couldn't do our usual Taco Tuesday. So we decided on hot pot at Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot YUMMMMMM!

It was all you can eat for only $20, so we did that - probably  not the best because we ended up eating a lot (haha) but we were easily able to accommodate for everyone's diets! That's usually extremely hard, so I'm very proud of us! And even if we all came out of the restaurant stuffed, most of what was filling us up was soup broth so that can't be TOO bad, right?!?! :D

We just got a bunch of different plates based on what everyone wanted. I leaned more towards eating lots of veggies and seafood and just a little bit of meat that wasn't too fatty. Some of our friends were avoiding all starchy foods including beans and certain veggies, but weren't avoiding fats so they ate lots of meats and leafy veggies. And all of us agreed on not getting any noodles.

We each had just one square (serving size on package is 3 squares) of Simply Lite dark chocolate for dessert :)

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