Saturday, August 18, 2012

Currently obsessed with: Kombucha!

Just bought these three new flavors of kombucha to try!! So far I've only tried the gingerade flavor and the  grape chia flavor of this brand of kombucha - both of which I love and have purchased multiple times. Every time I buy kombucha, I seem to get this sense of both curiosity and disgust from the person who is checking my groceries... Apparently everyone has heard that this stuff tastes NASTY (unless I buy it from somewhere like Whole Foods or some vegan, hippie restaurant). From the two flavors I have tried, I honestly think they taste pretty awesome. Supposedly most people don't like the sour and vinegary taste of it... I've only tried this one brand (and again in gingerade and grape chia flavors) and they barely have any of a sour, vinegary taste. They have just a little bit of sourness that kind of makes it taste a little more refreshing, but they don't taste like you're drinking vinegar. Not sure if I believe all the health claims about kombucha (fight cancer, grow hair, stimulate immune system, + more), but when it tastes pretty awesome it doesn't hurt to keep drinking them just in case :)

We'll see how these other flavors taste this weekend... I'm excited.

Btw... it's 1am and I'm wide-awake with a serious headache.... I'm having a midnight snack of blueberries and Yogi Calming tea in one of my fun mugs from my collection - my Thing 2 mug I got from Universal Orlando! Actually, what am I talking about... all my mugs in my collection are fun. But this one does make me smile.

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