Monday, October 15, 2012

Cute/funny fitness article: "Which Barre-bie are you? 14 classmates I always see in barre class"


I'll admit I'm the "overzealous hip thruster" - probably my favorite part of class... I always crack up by myself because it looks like everyone is humping the sky... hahahha. plus in Bar Method it's your last little burst of a workout to get your heart rate up and keep you burning calories after class AND it's easier to push through the burn and force yourself to push yourself as hard as possible because you know it'll all be over soon!

I'm also definitely "the after picture." Not because I'm super in shape, but because I always make my boyfriend feel my muscles and he's getting annoyed... hahahaha. The quote in the little image "OMG! I CAN SEE MY MUSCLES!" is definitely me lol. And I agree that Bar Method has been a "gateway drug" to me for loving all kinds of fitness.

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