Wednesday, December 19, 2012


It's definitely a day for lots of tea and soup. It's super cold out (for San Diego at least) AND I'm sick... :( I was wondering why I had no energy, for what seemed like no reason, the past few days... Makes sense now.

I'm still at work today and Souplantation's soup sounded perfect! Right now, their Asian Ginger Broth is back and I LOOOVE it. It's so yummy and gingery and only 50 calories per cup! I got a large soup to-go and had them add tofu, mushrooms, and green onion to make the soup a little more filling. Comes out to only about 150 calories!!! And soup is always super comforting when its cold and you're sick :)

For the rest of the day at work, I'll be drinking a RIDICULOUS amount of water and snacking on a whole bunch of yummy, little clementines I happened to bring in to work today - perfect because I need that vitamin C!

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