Monday, June 25, 2012

Quick meals

Another morning where I have barely any time to have some breakfast and prepare a lunch for myself before work... Luckily I try to make big batches of plain quinoa to store in the fridge and quickly add to almost any food for some complex carbs with lots of nutrients!

This morning I took some of the quinoa, added a splash of milk an some Splenda and warmed it up in the microwave to make a hot cereal. I topped it with a light drizzle of chocolate syrup and some dried cherries because I was craving something sweet. This held me over until about 1pm for lunch with no snacking!

For lunch I had to put together something really fast before I left for work so I grabbed some mixed lettuce greens, more quinoa, some blueberries, and a bottle of trader joe's light champagne vinaigrette (pretty good option for pre-made salad dressing that's low in calories, fat, and sugar) and made this yummy salad! I also grabbed a mango to slice up at work to eat on the side. Yummm.

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