Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Hour

I went to happy hour with my mom and my brother last night as a last night get-together before my brother left to go back to school today. We went to Truluck's, a seafood/steak restaurant. Eating out is always hard when you're trying to eat healthy - ESPECIALLY if it's eating out for happy hour... And even more hard if you just really, REALLY love food! But I think I did pretty good and I stayed Phase 2 safe!!

I had a glass of white wine, a few oysters with lemon, split a huge serving of ceviche with my mom (I let her have all of the chips that it came with for scooping), and we all shared some sweet potato fries (I tried to put sweet potato fries in front of my mom and brother so I wouldn't be as tempted to eat them too much haha).

I'm pretty proud of myself! I still got to enjoy eating out with and was very happy with staying fairly healthy in my choices!

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