Monday, September 10, 2012

Emergency planning for unexpected sweet cravings

Emergency sugar-free sweets for when I have serious cravings for sweets!

- sugar-free jello
- sugar-free fat-free vanilla instant coffee mix
- low carb chocolates (a peppermint pattie one and an English toffee one)
- chocolate Yerba mate tea (not exactly a sweet but I do love this stuff and it does have a hint of chocolate which will help when I have chocolate cravings)
- and a bunch of carbmaster yogurts

Note: I didn't buy these just to have on hand and eat a bunch of them regularly, but I got them just to have when I get cravings for sweets - which I've been having a lot of lately. If I have sugar-free sweets available then I'm less likely to give in to sweets that are more unhealthy.

We were really bad since we got back from vacation 3 months ago... Overall we were sticking with phase 2 but we would just go out a lot to eat (then of course we just get whatever sounds good) and drinking too. I started getting really bad cravings bc I remembered how amazing everything tasted! So we're jumping back into phase 1! We're a week in now, so hopefully I'll get over my cravings soon.

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