Monday, September 24, 2012

Failed zucchini bread turned zucchini biscotti!

My coworker brought in more giant zucchini!! I wanted to make a whole-wheat sugar-free zucchini bread, but kind of messed them up in multiple ways...:

1. I forgot to mix the grated zucchini into the liquids before adding in the dry ingredients. I was thinking "why is the batter all crumbly and weird?" then I realized it was because I didn't add the zucchini... I mixed it in  to the batter after so the zucchini wasn't well incorporated...
2. The bread pan I used was too big for the amount I had made. I could've switched to another smaller bread pan, but I really wanted to use this silicone bread pan that I bought a while ago and never used. I just figured I would cook it less and settle for a kind of flat, weird-shaped zucchini bread.
3. I fell asleep with the bread in the oven.... Yeah, I know... BAD. Luckily the bread (or my house) didn't burn, but it was just extremely overcooked and hard.

The next morning, I sliced them in to strips and toasted them to turn them into biscotti! Actually turned out pretty good! Tasted really yummy with the Celestial Seasonings Sugar Plum Spice tea (a special holiday edition tea that I found I still had in my pantry)!

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