Sunday, September 9, 2012

Update on Kombucha flavors

Here's my update on the bottles of G.T.'s Kombucha I tried (previous post)!

Mostly tastes like berries with just a light floral taste from the lavender. When you first sip it tastes fruity and sour - almost like drinking a really good lightly sour candy with out all of the artificial taste. You can taste more of the lavender flavor as an aftertaste. I think this was my favorite and I really wasn't expecting it to be that good!

Honestly, it mostly just tasted like guava juice with just a slight hint of sourness from the kombucha! Yummy.

Raspberry Chia:
I was excited for this because I love pretty much raspberry everything and I likes the grape chia flavor - the chia seeds float in the drink and kind of remind me of little tiny boba bc it floats in the drink and is a little squishy and fun to slurp and chew. But... This one was a little disappointing for me. I don't think I ever even finished the bottle. It wasn't super sour or vinegary like most people seem to be afraid of with kombucha - it just didn't have any great flavor to it. It wasn't terrible - I could still drink it without being disgusted - it was just the only kombucha flavor I tried that I didn't love.

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