Friday, September 14, 2012

So I have this problem...

I have this problem with buying too many Groupon / Living Social / whatever other deal site vouchers for fitness classes. I get so excited about it and they're starting to pile up!! Just bought this deal for Xtend Barre in San Diego:

$29 for two weeks unlimited classes! 6 months ago I would have never been into paying extra for classes at boutique gyms since I already have a 24 hour fitness membership and there's lots of classes I already like there, but I'm OBSESSED now. I love that boutique gyms give you more personalized attention from the instructors and the classes are so much better since studios will usually focus on one type of workout.

Deals that I have piled up and need to use up soon:
- I still have one more class left on a voucher at Bar Method Solana Beach (purchased from Living Social I think it was 4 classes for $20)
- I still have a little over a week left of my unlimited month at Core Power Yoga (from Groupon $60 for one month unlimited classes)
- I still have one more class left on a 10 class package at Zfitness - this is the only place in San Diego that has Hot Hula Fitness!! (purchased for a $10 off discount from Zfitness during their grand opening)
- Purchased and need to use my one month unlimited classes at Bar Method Carlsbad (from Living Social for $49 - this was also pretty awesome because it wasn't limited to new clients like these deals usually are and it's only one block from my work)
- Purchased and need to use my second 10 class package at Zfitness (from Yelp deals for $30)
- Purchased and need to use my two week unlimited classes at Xtend Barre ($29 for two weeks unlimited)
- I also want to do the $10 for 10 days intro special at the Bar Method studio that's kind of far for me, but close to some friends that want to try it - so I want to take two weekends to work out with them down there
- and I've already taken advantage of the free first class and $10 for 10 days intro special at three other different Bar Method studios (I pretended it was my first time at all three of them... ssshhh don't tell... haha) and I'm planning on doing their $100 for one month unlimited intro special once I finish up all of these other vouchers I have hahaha

I'm pretty much set (and super busy working out) for the next 3 or 4 months lol. AND by February the new 24 hour fitness super sport that is being built close to me will be finished and my 2 year pre-paid sport membership will expire, so I can get the pre-paid super sport membership instead YAYYYYY!!

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