Friday, September 14, 2012

My tea obsession!

I've bought four new teas in less than a week - these three and also a coconut pineapple rum flavored green tea we found at Whole Foods. The chocolate Yerba Mate actually isn't new me, but I love that tea and I haven't bought it in a while. I've had a tea obsession for a while and had actually built up a pretty awesome collection of teas. In the last year or two that obsession has calmed down - I still loved tea but just wasn't buying them as much and wasn't on as much of a hunt for new and interesting teas like I used to be. But! I decided that I should start getting back in to my teas because it really helps me a lot with dieting. A lot of times when I snack and overeat, its just because I'm bored or just want to have some sort of flavor in my mouth. It's good to have tea instead because they taste so yummy, have no calories, and are supposed to do a lot of great things for your health!

My office keeps tea in stock, but most of them are a little boring... I've started to bring in a supply of more fun, interesting teas to keep in my office drawer for me to have. When I'm work I drink tea when I need a break, when I just want to taste something, when I need a little energy boost, and when I'm cold (our office is freezing!). I'll usually have either yerba mate or green tea in the morning for a little energy boost then herbal decaf green teas throughout the rest of the day.

So far I'm loving my new teas I purchased:
- Yogi Seven Berry Antioxidant - when you open it, it smells a little bit like Robitussin... but once it's brewed and you add a little sweetener (I use Stevia) it tastes amazing! It's still good without the sweetener, but a little sour for me - I prefer this one sweetened even though I usually like my teas as is
- Yerba Mate Chocolate - LOVE this tea. Yerba Mate gives you a nice energy boost without as much caffeine as coffee. Some people seem to hate yerba mate and it's probably because they brewed it wrong. This type of tea is SUPER sensitive to high water temps!! If the water is too hot, it will be extremely bitter! I heat my water until just before it boils, pour it into my cup, then let it sit for a few minutes to cool down before I throw my tea bag in to the cup. Then it tastes amazing and smooth. And the chocolate version is even better - chocolaty and cinnamony
- Yogi Peach Detox - this is another one of the rare teas that I prefer it to have a little sweetener in it. It mostly has a spicy flavor to it - not too much peach - but still yummy. And I feel like I'm doing good things for my body when I drink this.

I really want to get back in to collecting teas again!! :)

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