Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Night out: Mongolian Hot Pot

Rommel started getting sick yesterday and has been craving soup. I had a great workout tonight and didn't feel like cooking. So perfect occasion to go out for some Mongolian hot pot!

Rommel stayed in from work today to rest and cleared up his sinuses with delicious steamy and spicy soup. He said he's feeling a lot better tonight.

Our usual spot for hot pot is Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot.

They basically have a big pot of delicious broth on a hot plate at your table. You can order thin sliced meats, seafood, veggies, tofu, noodles, anything and they will bring it out on a tray to cook in the broth yourself. It's kind of fun. And makes you eat more slowly because you eat, cook, eat, cook, and repeat.

We got half spicy half regular broth. We both love spicy (even more so when we're sick!), but sometimes the spicy broth gets too spicy when the chilies have been simmering away the whole time you're eating. So I like to mix in the regular broth every once in a while.

They had a weeknight special: huge combo platter for only $15 each! We got one beef platter and one lamb platter. It also came with some meatballs, fishballs, shrimp balls, a few fish fillets, enoki mushrooms, tofu, lotus root, corn, kabocha squash, noodles, and a LOT of greens. They even added extra veggies for us when we asked. We also subbed the regular noodles for shirataki noodles for an extra buck.

This is just one of the two platters we ordered! Look how huge it is! It looks like a lot of meat but it's actually sliced very thin and rolled up so it's not too much.

It is so big. We honestly should've shared just one. We would have still been full and would have leftovers.

To keep it a little more on the healthy side I mostly just had lots of broth, veggies, seafood, shirataki noodles, and a tiny bit of meat.

They come around and keep filling your pot with more broth so it's easy to fill up on that and still have a lot of broth and extra fillings for leftovers.

We have three giant tubs filled with leftovers. There is way more than enough for us for lunch tomorrow and I even set aside a separate container of the regular not-spicy broth for my mom.

We didn't want the corn (high glycemic) or meatballs (usually has lots of starchy carbs to hold it together) so we put that in the container of leftover soup for my mom.

We stopped eating 4 hours ago and I am still so so full.

My tummy is happy. :)

Good workout and good food = good night. The only bad thing that happened tonight was I slurped up a noodle and it splashed chili oil right in my eyeball... OH MAN SOOOO PAINFUL. Food was so worth it though.

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