Saturday, January 25, 2014

Post-workout snacks to-go

Fit in 60 has free classes for their anniversary weekend this weekend. I will be doing a review on their studio and barre classes soon!

I went to a barre class at Fit in 60 Carmel Valley with my mom this morning. I was expecting to go home immediately after and make some egg for some post-workout protein and my breakfast. Unfortunately, my mom decided she wanted to pop into work for a little bit immediately after class. So I dropped her off at her office and went on the hunt to find something to replenish my body after our good workout.

I stopped in Fresh & Easy and picked up some aloe juice, a Yoplait Light Vanilla Greek Yogurt, and had half of a ThinkThin Cookies n Cream protein bar. 

I've never seen this flavor of ThinkThin bars before! Not bad! Although my fav is still the crunchy peanut butter - can't resist chocolate and peanut butter at all.

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