Monday, January 13, 2014

Perfect gifts

How perfect are these gifts for me?

I had been eyeing this Trader Joe's holiday gift set trio of roasted nut oils as soon as I saw it on the shelves. I really wanted it but wouldn't buy it. Good thing I didn't because my brother gave it to me for Christmas - along with a mandoline slicer that I also really wanted!!! Maybe I somehow subconsciously knew he was going to buy it for me, so I didn't already buy it for myself.

And I got this trio of champagne vinegars at a white elephant. At first, I felt kind of bad that I stole this gift from a toddler, but I think he was much happier with the transformer toy he ended up with instead.

Anyways, loving these holiday gifts! Perfect for all the salads I have been making!!!

Rommel is frustrated with me.... "Margo, do we really need to have 11 different kinds of oils and 8 different kinds of vinegars in our house???"  YES. :P

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