Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My awesome week

I've had such an awesome week! I'm so proud of myself for finally pushing myself and having the energy to plan out all my meals and have a great workout every day. It's only been a week, but I feel like I'm finally getting back in to being the crazy-workout-Margo I was a few years ago. LOVE THIS FEELING.

It's weird. The last half a year or so I've felt like I didn't have the energy to workout. I would often skip workouts that I planned on doing because I was too tired. Or when I would workout, I wouldn't put as much energy into it as I used to.

But once you really get going, you have so much more energy to workout more often and push yourself more! Seriously LOVING this energy.

So proud of myself for all my workouts.

Last Thursday, I tried my very first CrossFit class. It was cool, I guess. I would definitely try it again. But I feel like I have to think too much about proper technique in order to not injure myself. Then I felt like I was spending most of my class thinking and not as much working out. I honestly get a lot more sore from barre classes and I'm never afraid of badly injuring myself in those. But! Maybe CrossFit just takes more getting used to and I need to slowly learn technique. I will definitely go back. :)

Friday Rommel and I just stayed in and had a movie night. Maybe it's the cold weather (OK, it's not that cold I'm just a wimp because I've grown up in San Diego), but I've been loving staying in and watching movies lately. Good news because it's preventing me from going out a lot and spending too much money.

Saturday did Cardio Barre

Sunday went for a run

Monday I had an awesome Bar Method class with one of my fav instructors. I pushed myself much more last night than I have in a long time! Really proud of myself! I also had an energetic taiko practice later that night.

And tonight I had a really great Barre3 class

Can you tell I love barre classes? :P I'm really prepping myself well for my my Barre Battle reviews

Tomorrow, I'm planning on a run

Thursday, I have tae kwon do class and taiko practice.

And Friday, we are planning on a quick run then yoga to end the week on a good note :)

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